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Along with massive industrial growth and technological advancements, which is seen as a boon for development, crime is also on rise, moreover criminals are making use of technology & sophistication in committing these crimes, we can call this as the ban of technology, major threat and challenges being faced today are terrorism, political pressure groups, organized criminal gang, crimes related to information, sabotage & subversion and white-collor crime, corporate espionage is seen on rise with cut-throat competition. Hence, Security has become a main line function in industries, which directly contributes to productivity and profitability.

Traditionally, Production, Marketing, Finance & Personal were the only areas that were considered while planning strategy but now security is also a part of it.

We provide well trained & equipped security Personal to face security challenges of present vulnerable environment. We provide security coverformany prestigious.


Garden Developing & Maintenance

Beautiful garden in the business premises / Factory premises / housing colonies dictate the quality of life enjoyed by human being, the greenish touch helps to enhance physical & mental health of the inmates.

We undertake garden maintenance services per requirements. Maintenance of lawn including watering removing weeds and cutting of the grass. Earth work excavation of pits for planting various types of plants, maintenance of rose garden, potted plants, shrubs & shrubberies including watering. Periodic loosening of soil around the roots of plants and shrubs and putting manure for healthy growth of plants, preparation of plants shrubs etc. for development and maintenance of nursery, shaping & Crafting of plants and hedges.

We provide all types indoor & outdoor pottedplants on rent for events & daily basis.



House Keeping

IT Companies / Manufacturing units, Commercials shops & offices haveextensive requirements to keep their environment clean, healthy & pleasantEarlier, the removal of burr from shop floor and fundamental cleaning activitywould be sufficient but not the objective is to maintain 5-S culture, in the presentbusiness world, employers & employees have high expectations in terms ofwork efficiently, there is a complete evolution in architecture & other designaspects of exteriors. Use of material like glass-walls at the workstations,polyvinyl at the shop-floor, wooden paneling at waiting areas, special furnishingin conference rooms, etc. has made the job of maintenance more complex anddemanding.

In order to fulfill these requirements and keep your work place sips nspan, we provide professionals for mechanized house keeping, systematicplanning and duty allocation is given emphasis to avoid inconvenience to peopleworking in the premises, we can ensure hygienic and dust free environment atyour premises using modern equipments such as scrubbing machines, dry andwet vacuum cleaners, jet pressure machines for toilet cleaning, telescopic rodswith various attachments to clean, truces and glass partitions up to 30 ft. height.



One Time Cleaning


Cleaning services

Garden developeing 

Buliding Maintance- Painting ,Plubing work ,Electric work ,Pest Control,Fire Fighting Audit,Deep Cleaning, Car washing .



Mobile: 9881161216

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